Simply Mary's- The Complex Road to Keeping it Simple

Welcome to Simply Mary's. Mary here to give you a little intro on how and why Simply Mary's started and how you all fuel me to stay curious and creative in creating real, simple, fun treats with nourishing ingredients that you can pronounce in a new way!

To say my relationship with food is complex is an understatement, which is why my mission is to keep food and wellness SIMPLE and uncomplicated for all of us. Growing up during the fat-free diet craze, drugstore diet fads and the huge diet industry machine, I was admittedly impressionable by what big ads told me I was "supposed to eat" or how I was "supposed to look." Obvious to me now, this info was totally unrealistic and set me up for very regimented diets, measuring food, severe eating disorders in my young life-- missing out on a whole lot of JOY, LAUGHTER and LIVING in those young years being shackled to these unhealthy food patterns. 

Gratefully, after a whole lot of learning and mindset changes (more like overhauls) I overcame all of that and, in my adult life, it is my passion to support people in living their most well life, in all areas, without the nonsense noise of complicated, conflicting messages. 

I'll jump on here periodically to keep you all updated on events, products, recipes, and wellness-related issues.

I would love to hear your stories about wellness and am always here for you if you have any questions! 

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